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Our soft-laminated folded map of Washington D.C. in the 15th edition shows: Washington Downtown 1:15 000, The Mall 1:13 000, Washington and Region 1:200 000, Alexandria 1:25 000, Public Transport Washington D.C., Street System, Top 30 Sights and USA administrative and time zones. Borch maps are easy to fold, durable and water-repellent with a wipeable surface. Borch Maps show hotels, museums, monuments, markets, public transport, top sights and points of interest, useful statistics, conversion charts for temperatures, weights and measurements, climate charts showing temperatures, sunshine hours, precipitation and humidity, overview maps, time zones, and much more...
Washington D.C. (District of Columbia) is commonly referred to as "The District" or "D.C." The capital city of the United States of America is named after the first U.S. president, George Washington. "D.C." is situated on the Potomac River and is home to the current President, the White House being the country's most historically and politically relevant landmark. All three branches of the federal U.S. government are in the District, as well as the World Bank headquarters, the Organization of American States and the International Monetary Fund. The National Mall, an open area in the middle of the city connecting the White House with many national monuments, is the site of political demonstrations and protests. Other points of interest include the world-renowned Smithsonian Institute - a collection of museums focusing on art, the sciences, fauna, history, and the National Art Gallery, the Library of Congress, the National Archives and the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library: an outstanding feat of architecture designed by Mies van der Rohe. Washington is also acclaimed as a center for the arts, predominantly the performing arts.