USA Pacific Northwest: Regional Map by Borch

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Our soft-laminated map of USA Northwest – USA 1 – in the 10th edition includes: Pacific Northwest 1:3 000 000, San Francisco 1:15 000, San Francisco Bay Area 1:400 000, San Francisco & Region 1:1 000 000, Seattle 1:13 000 and Greater Seattle 1:350 000, Seattle & Region 1:1 000 000,
Portland 1:20 000, Denver & Region 1:1 000 000, Salt Lake City & Region 1:1 000 000, Yellowstone National Park 1:1 000 000, USA administrative & time zones, interesting statistics, conversion chart for temperatures, weights and measures, climate chart with temperatures, sunshine hours, precipitation and humidity and much more.
The beautiful landscape of Oregon and Washington includes rugged coastline, mountain ranges, lakes, rivers, rich farmland and burgeoning wine country, as well as the magnificent cities of Portland and Seattle with their bustling cosmopolitan flair. While Seattle is renowned as the "San Francisco of the North", the states of Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, Colorado and Utah, dominated by the Rocky Mountains and their foothills, are home to some of America's most spectacular scenery. Yellowstone National Park is a highlight, with boiling geysers, mud volcanos, frozen lakes, deep pine forests, steep waterfalls, fossilized trees, and an array of wildlife. Interesting cities include Salt Lake City - terminus of the Mormon's great overland trek, and Denver - a modern city that has retained its heritage as a wild frontier town.