Tunisia & Libya: Country Map by ITM

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Libya and Tunisia at 1:1,650,000 and 1: 800,000 respectively, on a double-sided, indexed road map from ITMB including street plans of Tunis and Tripoli and a glossary of geographical terms. 

The map displays Libya on one side and Tunisia on the other, each accompanied by its capital city plan and a separate index. Road networks include main paved, secondary and unsurfaced minor roads and tracks, with intermediate distances on major roads. Symbols clearly indicate petrol stations, international and local airports, and railways and ferry routes are also shown. 

Topography is represented by altitude colouring and graphics indicate deserts, swamps, salt flats, oasis, water wells and seasonal rivers, etc. Numerous spot heights are marked and mountain ranges named, and other geographical features are present. 

Symbols mark locations of various places of interest including towns with tourist accommodation, campsites, historic ruins and archaeological sites, beaches, ports, etc. The map also shows gas and oil wells and pipelines. International boundaries and border crossing are marked. 

The map is annotated with historical and tourist information of places of interest and illustrated with colour pictures. It includes street plans of central Tunis and Tripoli and a glossary of geographical terms used on the map. 

The map is indexed and all place names are shown transliterated only. Latitude and longitude lines are drawn at intervals of 2°.