South Africa: Travel Map by Freytag & Berndt

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South Africa at 1:1,500,000 from Freytag & Berndt on an indexed road map with street plans of central Johannesburg and Cape Town. The map presents the country’s road and rail network on a base with relief shading, graphics to show the desert areas, marshes, etc., and plenty of names of geographical features.

Road network clearly shows the numbers of main routes and connecting roads, indicating driving distances. Many local roads and tracks are also included. An overprint highlights the Garden Route. The map includes the rail network and shows local airports. Also marked are internal administrative boundaries with names of the provinces.

Numerous places of interest as well as national parks and other protected areas are highlighted. Latitude and longitude lines are drawn at 1° intervals. Multinational map legend includes English. The index is on the reverse side and lists most of localities with their postcodes.

Also included are insets with street plans of central Johannesburg and Cape town.