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Our soft-laminated map of Seattle in the 7th edition includes: Seattle Downtown 1:10 000,
Washington University 1:10 000, Olympic National Park 1:500 000, North Cascades National Park 1:400 000, Mount Rainier National Park 1:200 000, Seattle & Region 1:350 000, Western Washington 1: 1 200 000, Public Transport Seattle, 30 top sights, USA administrative & time zones, interesting statistics, conversion chart for temperatures, weights and measures, climate chart with temperatures, sunshine hours, precipitation and humidity.
Seattle, located in the Pacific Northwest of the US between Puget Sound and Lake Washington, is Washington State's largest and best known city, although not its capital. The Space Needle has defined Seattle's skyline since 1962, however it is neither the city's tallest building, nor is it located downtown. The tallest skyscraper in Seattle is the Columbia Center and the largest building is the Starbucks Center, which houses the world-renowned coffee empire. Seattle has a reputation for very high coffee consumption and indeed many coffee manufacturers and independent coffee roasters and producers are to be found here. Seattle, the birthplace of grunge, has been rated the most literate city in America because it boasts the highest number of college graduates living there. Thanks to its mild climate and location it is an excellent place for outdoor recreation. A beautiful and interesting city most certainly worth a visit!