Scottevest RFID Travel Vest for Men

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Warning: the Travel Vest for Men May Create Carry-On Envy

Mix it up! Take your traditional travel vest, add style, add stealth, and of course, add pockets!

And we know you can't add just any ol' pockets - they've got to be smarter. Scottevest eliminated the traditional, clunky exterior pockets that reveal you're carrying valuables; now you can carry everything you need - and only you will know what that is.

Plus, even though it's loaded with extras, it's super comfortable. Just ask SeV fans; the streamlined Travel Vest is the most comfortable and functional travel vest on the market.

With 24 hidden pockets and compartments, it remains incredibly lightweight. You'll never believe all of the gear you're carrying since the Weight Management System™ balances the load and our NoBulge™ Pockets keep that streamlined look.

Airport security becomes a breeze: just take off the vest and send it through the x-ray with all your gear safely stored inside.

This vest holds so much, you'll feel like you got an exception to the one carry-on rule. The lightweight, breathable brushed cotton material is thin enough to control your iPod® right through the fabric.

Teflon® treatment repels water and stains. You'll love it so much, you'll wear it everyday!

Lightweight poly with mesh interior.  Machine Washable.


With 24 pockets, it's like a bonus carry-on!
Breeze through security--just slip off the vest
Super lightweight poly fabric
Teflon® treated to be water & stain resistant
DeepPockets to get you organized
So comfortable and light you won't want to take it off
Machine washable 

Within two years of the purchase date, SeV will either repair or replace your SCOTTEVEST at no cost to you (including shipping). For example, if your zipper fails we will either repair or replace your product free of charge. The exchange process is very simple. However, please know that garments are made by hand and are not intended to withstand extraordinary wear and tear. While we have a very liberal return policy, things like cuts or tears in the material that indicate misuse are not covered by the warranty.