Pack-It™ Specter Cube Set

Eagle Creek
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Like the Pack-It™ System, but you're trying to ditch some weight? Check out Eagle Creek's new Specter packing organizers. They're made of Silnylon (that's siliconized nylon to laypeople), the same fabric used for ultralight tents and backpacks. It's super durable, stain and water-resistant--and translucent, so you can see what's packed inside. 

The Specter Cube Set is three silnylon cubes that weigh less than 2.2 oz cumulatively, means you can keep your clothing organized without worrying about weight. Three different sizes provide customization and space savings for any backpack, day bag or piece of luggage. If you can roll it, these travel cubes can hold it. 


  • Packing cubes are great for t-shirts, gym clothes, undergarments, socks and swimsuits
  • Ultra lightweight silnylon ripstop allows you to see what's inside
  • Quick-grab handle
  • Water- and stain-resistant properties
  • Lifetime warranty

Eagle Creek's Lifetime Warranty covers workmanship and materials against defect for the entire life of the product. During this period, if the product is covered by the warranty, Eagle Creek will repair or replace it at their discretion. Contents of your bag, normal wear and tear, abuse and cosmetic wear and tear are excluded.