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No one likes jet lag--you waste 1/2 - 3 days getting over the effects of it. Here at Distant Lands our number one selling item for the last 20 years is No-Jet-Lag tablets from New Zealand. These homeopathic, all natural chewable tablets help alleviate the effects of jet lag. The tablets contain leopard's bane, daisy, wild chamomile, ipecac and clubmoss. Each package conains 32 tablets, enough for 50 hours of flying--in other words, enough to go around the world. Chew one tablet each time your plane takes off and lands to counter the effects of pressure change, plus one tablet every two hours while flying. If you are still skeptical, No Jet Lag has been rigorously tested with flight attendents  (they fly all the time) and 75% of them were shown to alleviate jet lag symptoms. If you are still not sure give us a call at (626) 449-3220 and we can tell you of our personal experience with this wonder product.