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PRODUCT BENEFITS: index with postal codes, E-road numbers, fascinating cities, attractions and places of interest, legend in 7 languages This great map help travellers to find their way easy! Highly detailed map of North and South Italy, inset map of San Marino & Vatican city.Informativ coverpage includes presentation of scale, website, product benefits.
DETAILS: motorway, motorway under construction, motorway with single carriageway, dual carriageways, international and national main road, regional main road, important connecting road, other roads, distance in km, road closed in winter, tunnel, ascent, pass, mountain, altitude in metres, railway, mountain railway, funicular, chair lift, car ferry, state boundary, frontier crossing, boundary of region, picturesque town, national parc, world heritage site, tourist sights, scenic sport, dolmen, nuraghe, panorama, cave, international airport, airfield, antique sites, ruin, church, monastery, castle, monument, mountain hotel, camping-site, spa, beach, seaport, lighthouse