Great Britain & Ireland Michelin Tourist & Motoring Atlas

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Michelin's Great Britain & Ireland Tourist and Motoring Atlas organizes maps by geographic region - not alphabet - so the region is divided into a logical sequence of squares. Each of those squares is an easy-to-use map that makes fast, accurate travel as simple as turning a page. Now you can trace your route from one map to the next, without all the flipping and frustration. The Michelin Road Atlas is designed for the way you drive!


  • Organized by geographic region, not alphabet
  • Divides continent into logical sequence of squares
  • Go-to-page pointers help trace your route from one map to the next - less flipping and frustration
  • Unique user-friendly format
  • Legend serves as built-in bookmark for quick reference
  • Durable spiral binding lays flat and folds easily
  • Comprehensive index alphabetized by city/county/province per country