Monday, October 8 -- “Antarctic Peninsula: Whales and Landscapes” presented by Bernardo Alps

Antarctica captures the imagination like few places on earth. It is remote, rugged, dangerous, magnificent, and spellbinding. Antarctica holds 90% of the world’s fresh water in its magnificent glaciers and expansive ice sheets. It has practically no vegetation but it is home to a menagerie of wildlife that shows some spectacular adaptations for life in one of the most challenging environments on earth. All visitors to the remote continent in any given year would fit easily into Angels Stadium with seats left over (roughly 4000 scientists and 35,000 tourists). In this presentation, we will visit this inspiring destination with a small shipload of intrepid adventurers accompanying a detachment of dedicated whale researchers. “Antarctic Peninsula: Whales and Landscapes” took place in March of 2016 and was a collaboration between Cheesemans’ Ecology Safaris, Oregon State University, and the American Cetacean Society.  

Bernardo Alps is a field biologist specializing in marine mammals and seabirds. His work takes him to some pretty exciting destinations all over the world. His other passions include conservation and education; Bernardo is president of the local chapter of the American Cetacean Society and an Adjunct Research Scientist at the Cabrillo Marine Aquarium. He is an accomplished storyteller, having been on staff with the Pasadena Star-News as photographer and photo editor for over a decade. When he is not on a ship or boat of some sort, Bernardo enjoys life at home in San Pedro with his wife Diane and their boxer Maggie.



Monday, October 22 -- “48 Peaks: Hiking and Healing in the White Mountains” presented by author Cheryl Suchors

Kirkus Reviews calls 48 PEAKS, Hiking and Healing in the White Mountains “An inspiring yet relatable true story with exciting scenes and plenty of heart.” Come hear Cheryl Suchors discuss her new memoir, a compelling story of friendship, redefining success, overcoming breast cancer and loss, and connecting with nature. Because we all have our own mountains to climb. 

Author Bio
Cheryl Suchors began writing at age six when she wrote a play starring her sister and herself. She continued to write poetry until she took a twenty-year detour through the business world. She holds degrees from Harvard Business School and Smith College. Her fiction, poetry and essays have appeared in Limestone, The Distillery, RE:AL, and HerSports magazine as well as in the anthology My Other Ex: Women’s True Stories of Losing and Leaving Friends. In her business career, she co-authored the book Own Your Own Cable System. She lives in Cambridge, Massachusetts with her husband and a plethora of plants. In her spare time she visits their daughter, travels, and engages in political activism. She continues to hike every chance she gets, most recently in Poland and Canada.





Monday, August 27-- A Culinary and Cultural Journey through Greece: Voyages of Discovery

An exploration of Greece’s rich culinary heritage with notes on culture, historic sites, local lifestyles and traditions, and spirit of place through some of Greece’s lesser known regions. 

Recently returned from a three month journey in Greece and the Mediterranean, Lindsay is eager to share stories, tips, and inspirations from her latest travels to this enduring and vibrant destination. On this trip she met with archaeologists, professors, wine producers, chefs, home cooks, dancers and musicians, guides, and ‘alternative tourism’ professionals eager to provide an authentic ‘real taste’ of Greece to visitors. 

Greece is surprisingly diverse; from its myriad islands to its many historical sights, to the dry, rocky landscape and unique tower houses of the deep Mani, to the wild mountains and gorges of northern Greece, variations abound.

The history is deep here, and the flavors are vibrant. The sea, the sun, and the soil seem to enrich Greece’s tables with their very essence, as they have for centuries. This talk will highlight some of Greece’s culinary specialties by region, as well as reference geography, history, culture, and personal stories.

Free; begins at 7:30 PM. RSVP 626.449.3220.

About the speaker:

Lindsay is a travel coordinator, guide, writer, and destination researcher specializing in Greece and the Mediterranean, though her work extends beyond the shores of the beautiful blue Med. She coordinates small group trips with a culinary focus and works with individuals to facilitate meaningful, unique, customized travel experiences. She also organizes theme dinners, wine tastings, hands-on cooking workshops, and small private events that highlight the cuisine of a particular region. Recently returned from a research trip in the Mediterranean including Greece, Italy, and the Balkans, she is eager to share some stories and a small taste of Greece’s rich culinary traditions and its ancient vine-clad soils.