Saturday, May 6 @ 9am - One Bag , One Trip - a packing demonstration

Jordan Mitchell-Love is an award-wining filmmaker and traveler and host of the nominated travel show The Vagabond Tales Throughout his travels he has packed all that he needs -- film equipment, clothing, toiletries -- into one bag. Now you can learn some of his tried and true methods,, and how to stay on the road indefinitely with just one bag.




 Monday, May 8 --  “We’re Outta Here: On the Road with the Family in South America”

Children don’t have to end your dreams of adventure travel. They can jump-start them! Hilary MacGregor talks about how she and her husband, two L.A. writers, pulled their kids out of school and headed to South America for a 10-week odyssey. Learn where they went, what they did, and how to do it yourself.



Monday, May 15 -- "San Miguel de Allende"

Alejandro Alia will bring a fully updated view of San Miguel Allende, Mexico’s famed colonial resort, ranked as one of the world’s favourite tourist destinations. He will also review San Miguel’s ascendance as an important wine producing region, home of many lovely wineries and vineyards.

Alejandro Alia is an experienced traveler/journalist, and founder of Finisterre, a new showcase focused on unique tourist destinations.




Monday, July 17 -- "The Magic of Yucatan"


Join best selling travel writer Ray Bartlett for a journey to Yucatan, Mexico, with slides, stories, and a reading from his debut novel, Sunsets of Tulum.  Like the protagonist in Bartlett's novel, many people arrive in Cancun with little to no understanding of how rich the area is beyond the edges of the resort.  Learn about this incredible part of the world from someone who knows it like the back of his hand.