Ethiopia, Eritrea, Djibouti: Regional Map by Cartographia

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PRODUCT BENEFITS: Fully indexed, administrative regions, detailed road conditions, nature parks, game reserves, pale shaded relief, places of interest. Perfect for route planning! Inset map of local fauna, of Adis Abeba city centre & of Awash National Park. The attractive coverpage shows presentation of scale, website, product benefits. With exact area of map + location on continent + related products on reverse side!
DETAILS: international and national main road, important connecting road, road without surface or in bad condition, earth road, track, caravan route, trail, road under construction, road closed to motor traffic, distance in km, scenic road, railway, ship route, airport, airfield, seaport, volcano, crater, coral reef, oasis, well, water-hole, hot spring, waterfall, dam, pass, altitude in metres, tourist sights, historical sights, scenic spot, spa, fortress, ruin, museum, monument, state boundary, frontier crossing, region boundary, undefined boundary, capital, centre of region, national park, nature reserve, game reserve, lava field, sand area, salt lake, mangrove, church, monastery, mosque, theatre, tourist information, other point of interest, embassy, hotel, restaurant, safari bungalow, rest area, camping site, post office, hospital, filling station, railway station, bus terminal.