Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania: Regional Map by Cartographia

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PRODUCTS BENEFITS: E-roads, local main roads, tourist attractions, camping sites, ferry boat, car ferry, airports, Excellent for route planning, tranzit journies and for travelling by car! Map in a better scale then before. (formerly 1: 800 000; now 1: 700 000) Informative coverpage includes presentation of scale, website, product benefits.
DETAILS: motorway with junction, motorway under construction / planned, expressway with junction, expressway under construction, major route / under construction, secondary & other roads, track, path, distance in km, European road numbers, road numbers, railway, ferry, international boundary, border crossing, national park, nature reserve, church, castle, palace, ruin, museum, cave, mill, windmill, other places of interest, camping site, beach, viewpoint, zoo, botanical garden, golf course, harbour, pier, lighthouse, airport, airfield, swamp, spot elevation