Egypt: Country Map by Nelles

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Double-sided map of Egypt from Nelles, combining coverage of the whole of the country at 1:2,500,000 with more detailed mapping of the Nile area at 1:750,000, plus a street plan of Cairo. On one side is a general map of Egypt at 1:2,500,000, with relief shading and spot heights to indicate the topography, showing the road network and highlighting main places of interest, including all the country’s great archaeological sites.

An indexed street plan of Cairo at 1:17,500 covers all the main sights within the city itself and shows the transport network, places of interest, selected hotels and restaurants, etc. 

On the reverse the Nile Valley from Aswan to the Delta is shown in greater detail, presented in three sections at 1:750,000. Road presentation includes secondary and selected minor roads, and intermediate driving distances are marked on main routes. Railways and local airports are also shown and symbols mark locations of archaeological sites and other places of interest.

Place names are in Latin alphabet and in modern spelling, with traditional alternatives provided where necessary (Al-Uqsur - Luxor). Latitude and longitude lines are at 1º intervals. Map legend includes English.