Egypt: Country Map by ITM

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Egypt on the double-sided, waterproof and tear-resistant, indexed map from ITMB, presenting the Nile Valley up to Luxor at 1:700,000, with the whole country shown on the reverse at 1:1,650,000. Plans of the Giza Pyramids and maps of Alexandria and environs of Cairo are also included.

On one side is a map of the Nile Valley from Luxor to the Delta, showing road and rail connections along the river and to the Gulf of Suez and Sinai and indicating locations of various archeological sites and other places of interest. Coverage along the Mediterranean coast extends west to include El Alamein, showing road access both from Cairo and Alexandria. 

On the reverse is a map covering the while of the country at 1:1,650,000 (as shown on our cartography sample), with less detailed tourist information along the Nile Valley, but with places of interest in other parts of the country. Both maps indicate local administrative boundaries with names of the provinces, have a grid with latitude and longitude at intervals of 1º, and are indexed.

Also included are a plan of the Giza Pyramids, a map of Alexandria showing main roads and districts in the city, and places of interest including beaches, plus a map of the environs of Cairo showing road access to Giza and Saqqara.