Dunedin, Mosgiel, Oamaru: City Map by Kiwimaps

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Dunedin and the Otago Paninsula in a series of maps covering various districts of New Zealand, with each title combining a detailed road map with street plans of local towns, all with road and street indexes. The maps are published in two formats: handy Pocket Maps or Pathfinders with, as the publishers put it “Larger print so you don’t squint”.

The road maps, typically around 1:175,000 - 1:275,000, show local roads and 4WD tracks. Main sightseeing routes across the country, such as the Pacific Road Highway or Thermal Explorer Highway, are identified by small icons. Railways, local airports and where appropriate, ferry routes are shown. The maps also include selected local hiking tracks. A range of symbols highlight various places of interest and sport or recreational facilities. Topography is indicated by names of mountain ranges and selected peaks. Colouring shows forested areas, with national parks and reserves highlighted. The maps have no geographical coordinates but each one has an index listing names of local roads.

Each title also includes numerous street plans of the main centres of population in the area covered by the road map. The plans are usually at 1:25,000 to 1:35,000, and for larger towns an enlargement of the town centre is also provided. The plans shows one way streets, public buildings and various facilities, including sport and recreational centres and, almost invariably, public toilets. Each plan has a separate street index.

In this title: street plan of Dunedin, Mosgiel and Omaru with enlargements for town centres plus street plans of 12 other towns in the Otago Region. The whole of Dunedin with Mosgiel is covered at 1:25,000, with an enlargement for the centre of Dunedin. The plan of Omaru at 1:35,000 also includes an enlargement for the central area.

Plans of the remaining towns: Roxburgh, Balclutha, Milton, Tapanui, Clinton, Lawrence, Waldronville, Portobello and Brighton & Ocean View are shown as insets. All the plans have street indexes. Also included is a small map of the Otago Peninsula