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Our soft-laminated map of the Dominican Republic in the 19th edition includes: Dominican Republic 1:600 000, Puerto Plata & Region 1:250 000, Puerto Plata 1:20 000, Santiago 1:17 500, Santo Domingo & Region 1:250 000, Santo Domingo 1:22 500, Colonial Santo Domingo 1:10 000, Dominican Republic administrative / time zones; interesting statistics: conversion chart for temperatures, weights and measures; climate chart with temperatures, sunshine hours, precipitation and humidity; table of distances; hotels, museums, markets, public transport and much more.
On December 5th 1492 Christopher Columbus discovered the island of Hispaniola and founded "La Navidad", said to be the first European settlement in the New World. He became Viceroy of Hispaniola and settled in the place where today's capital, Santo Domingo, is situated. During the following centuries, innumerable pirate raids gradually brought the export trade to a standstill, but French colonialists who settled in the west of the island managed to drive them off. Thus, the first independent black republic of the world was founded: République d'Haiti. In 1844 the former Spanish settlers declared their independence from Spain and founded the Dominican Republic. The Dominicans are a very hospitable, open-minded and peace-loving people. Stress and hectic are unknown to them - quite understandable as they are blessed with almost constant holiday temperatures and idyllic surroundings. Travellers are welcome to enjoy the beauty of ca. 1600km (979 miles) of coast, with marvellous palm beaches and snug bays, or the mountains with their lavish profusion of flora and fauna.