China East: Travel Map by ITM

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A double-sided, indexed, general-purpose road map of Eastern China at 1:3,000,000 scale, extending as far west as Xinin (approx. 101°E) and to the northern and southern borders. The national road network is clearly shown, marking different classes of road down to provincial highways, with some other major local roads shown. Intermediate driving distances between locations are marked alongside roads. Railways and the Great Wall of China are also marked. Cities and major towns are shown with their names in English, and symbols indicate their populations.

Topography is shown by attractive altitude colouring (in feet), and spot heights are given for mountain peaks (in metres). Natural features such as rivers, swamps, salt beds, glaciers and sand areas are shown. Provincial and international boundaries are shown, with province names clearly marked. Nature reserves, forests and National Parks are indicated, as are historical ruins and other points of interest. High passes, ports and airports are also shown. Grid lines divide the map at 2° intervals

Inset maps, showing major road approaches & junctions, are given for the regions around Shanghai, Guangzhou & Kowloon/Hong Kong. A city centre inset map is given for Beijing, showing principal sights, tourist attractions, city transport and other practical visitor information.