Cambodia and Laos: Travel Map by ITM

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Indexed road maps of the two countries on a double-sided map from ITMB, with Cambodia on one side at 1:725,000, plus Laos on the other side presented at 1:1,200,000.

Altitude colouring with peak heights presents the topography, with marshes and areas subject to inundation also indicated. Road network includes selected minor roads, tracks and trails, with intermediate distances marked on main routes. Railways, ferries and airports are shown, and the Ho Chi Min Trail is highlighted. Provincial and district borders and national parks are marked, and symbols show border crossings, various places of tourist interest, temples, bird sanctuaries, beaches, passes and caves. Latitude and longitude lines are drawn at 1° intervals,

An inset map at 1:150,000 shows the major sites of Angkor, and there are also inset street plans of central Phnom Penh and Vientiane, on which various landmarks and buildings are marked e.g. embassies, hotels, pagodas, information centres, bus terminals, markets, etc.