Cabeau® Midnight Magic Sleep Mask With Ear Plugs

Lewis N. Clark
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For decades, travelers have had only one option when it comes to sleep masks: one-size-fits-all, and eye shades that do not properly fit. Consumers have been left with two less than ideal choices: 1) an eye mask that is aesthetically pleasing but doesn’t work, or 2) an eye shade that may block out light but is huge and gawky-looking. 

Now there is a sleep mask that offers a custom fit, allows wearers to choose their preferred level of dark or light, is silky soft against the skin, and has a sleek design – Cabeau’s Midnight Magic® Sleep Mask.

• Comprises of soft, plush fabric with inner rounded eye liners
• Features adjustable nose bridge and elastic-free straps
• Includes ear plugs
• 3.5in x 27in x 1in