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If you're like most travelers, you've tried every neck pillow known to try to get some rest on those redeye flights--there's finally one that works! 

Travel in luxury with soft-yet-supportive memory foam + our patented ergonomic design.

Filled with high quality responsive memory foam, the Evolution Pillow was created to provide all-round support and comfort. In the search for a better pillow, the design team at Cabeau began by interviewing thousands of travel pillow users. They discovered that over 80% of them said the reason they owned a travel pillow was because "it was better than nothing." That wasn't good enough for Cabeau, so they developed the Evolution Pillow for the majority of travelers who don't use them because "they don't work." 

But the Evolution Pillow isn't just for travel. It's great for resting on long hikes or overnight camping; it's a great beach companion--it cups your head as you soak up the sun, forming a perfect mold for your forehead and cheeks if you're lying face-down--just like a massage table face rest! 

With all this to offer, it's no wonder many customers have declare this "the best travel pillow in the world!" 


Responsive Memory Foam: Offers long-lasting, comfortable head support and can be surface cleaned by hand
Raised Side Supports: Prevents your head from falling to the side, and you can spin it around for full frontal chin support
Adjustable Sliding Toggles: Can be fastened and adjusted to hold the pillow in place and provide additional head support
Media Pouch: Holds your MP3 player or cell phone to listen to music hands-free, lap-free, and pocket-free
Machine Washable Cover: Simply unzip the cover, remove it, and throw in the washing machine for fast, easy cleaning
Compact Travel Bag: Allows you to easily compact your pillow to 1/4 its size, saving you valuable space
Hands-Free Strap: Easily attach it to your bag, backpack, or suitcase for quick and convenient travel
Memory Foam Earplugs: Includes these custom earplugs to help block out the sounds around you, and ensure peaceful travel

Pillow Size: Length, 9.5"; Width, 10"; Height, 5"; Weight, 11.6 oz.

Bag Size: Diameter, 4.5"; Height, 5.5"