Bavarian Alps: Regional Map by Borch

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Our soft-laminated folded map of Bavarian Alps in the 1st edition shows: Bavarian Alps 1:275 000, Altötting 1:13 000, Bad Tölz 1:13 000, Berchtesgaden 1:30 000, Füssen & Neuschwanstein 1:13 000, Garmisch-Partenkirchen 1:30 000, Herrenchiemsee 1:30 000, Kempten 1:13 000, Lindau 1:13 000, Munich 1:13 000. Borch maps are easy to fold, durable and water-repellent with a wipeable surface. Borch Maps show hotels, museums, monuments, markets, public transport, top sights and points of interest, useful statistics, conversion charts for temperatures, weights and measurements, climate charts showing temperatures, sunshine hours, precipitation and humidity, overview maps, time zones, and much more...
Bavaria, or Bayern, is the largest state in Germany and well deserving of all the clichés associated with Germany's southernmost alpine state. But despite the Lederhosen, the Bier, the Oktoberfest, the Weißwurst, the impeccable countryside dotted with gingerbread-style houses, onion-domed churches and of course the majestic mountainscapes, there is more to Bavaria than meets the eye, including one of the healthiest and largest economies in Europe - BMW, Audi, Allianz, Puma and Adidas, (and Borch Maps) to name but a few, are headquartered here. The Bavarians themselves are - as they see it - superior to the rest of Germany, a state and culture unto themselves with a very high standard of living, and a warm, proud and sociable people with a strong national identity. Both young and old enjoy actively upholding their traditions, which are by any standards utterly charming, and Munich - a global city and the capital of Bavaria - is Germany's third largest, bursting at the seams with culture, style, wealth, history and innumerable sights and monuments that will take your breath away. Our detailed map will show you the way to Bavaria's most stunning sights!