Bangkok & Greater Bangkok: Country Map by Nelles

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Bangkok on a double-sided map from Nelles combining an indexed street plan of the city’s central districts at 1:15,000 with a more general plan of the capital with its outer suburbs presented at 1:75,000. Both plans highlight numerous places of interest.

On one side the main, indexed plan covers the city’s inner districts showing public transport routes: metro and skytrain lines with stations, bus routes with line numbers, and express boat service along the river. Public buildings, including selected hotels, are clearly marked and named, and shopping centres or market streets are indicated. The main centre of tourist accommodation, Banglamphoo - Khao San Road area, is also shown in greater detail on a small enlargement.

On the reverse a more general plan at 1:75,000 covers the city with its outer suburbs, highlighting main traffic arteries, including access to the international airport. Metro, skytrain and express boat lines are marked, plus the suburban railway lines with station names. In addition to information described above, the plan also gives names of numerous industrial and educational establishments, etc.

Map legend includes English.nelbag1.jpg