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Our soft-laminated map of the Bahamas includes: Bahamas 1:2 250 000, New Providence 1:150 000, Nassau 1:20 000, Freeport 1:50 000, Bimini Island 1:100 000, San Salvador Island 1: 250 000, Andros Island 1:550 000, Grand Bahama & Abaco Island, Berry Island, Eleuthera Island, Cat Island, Exuma Islands (North), Exuma Islands (South), Long Island, Acklins & Crooked Island, Mayaguana Islannd, Inagua Islands 1:500 000, Bahamas administrative / time zones; interesting statistics: conversion chart for temperatures, weights and measures; climate chart with temperatures, sunshine hours, precipitation and sea temperatures; hotels, museums, markets and much more.
The Bahamas is a group of nearly 700 islands forming an archipelago in the Atlantic Ocean north and east of Cuba and Florida respectively. The Commonwealth of the Bahamas is an independant nation, with the Queen of the Bahamas as non-resident ceremonial head of state. Besides the fact that English is the spoken language, many legal and political traditions follow those of the UK. The capital and largest city of the Bahamas is Nassau on New Providence Island. The islands enjoy a subtropical to tropical climate which is influenced by the mild waters of the Gulf Stream. Whether you like diving in the clear waters through cays or diving into the flashy nightlife of Nassau, lying in the warm sand or visiting museums, watching fauna or admiring the tropical flora, each of the 700 islands has its own individual charm to offer the visitor.