Austria: Regional Road Maps by Freytag & Berndt

Freytag & Berdt
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Austria at 1:200,000 in a series of road maps from Freytag & Berndt, the country’s leading publishers, with a separate index attached to the cover. Information includes sightseeing routes and long-distance hiking trails.

The maps have clear, effective relief shading to show the topography and indicate steep roads with gradient marks, show traffic restrictions and seasonal closures on mountain roads, etc. Tourist information includes scenic roads and special tourist sightseeing routes, places of interest, campsites and youth hostels, etc. An overprint highlights the national network of the long-distance footpaths indicating, where appropriate, their European numbers. A grid in steps of 10' indicates latitude and longitude. Map legend includes English. A separate index attached to the cover gives the postcode for each locality.


Austria, 1, Wien Niederosterreich

Austria, 2, Oberosterreich 

Austria, 3, Burgenland 

Austria, 4, Steiermark

Austria, 5, Karnten Osttrriol

Austria, 6, Land Salzburg Salzkarmer

Austria, 7, Tirol Voralberg