Australia: Country Map by Nelles

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Australia at 1:4,500,000 from Nelles Verlag, with its smaller size map offering a convenient format for use when travelling. Several insets provide street plans of city centres and enlargements of the most visited areas.
The map divides the country east/west. Vivid relief shading with spot heights and names of mountain ranges, deserts, etc, presents the topography. National or state parks and other protected area are highlighted.

The map presents an overview of the country’s road network, indicating names of the main highways and driving distances on many routes. Railway lines and local airports are included. Numerous places of interest are prominently marked. Latitude and longitude margin ticks are at 4° intervals. The map has no index of localities. Map legend includes English.

The main map is surrounded by street plans of city centres, plus enlargements of their environs and other most visited areas: central and greater Sydney, Melbourne and Perth, central Adelaide and Brisbane, the Gold and Sunshine Coast region of Queensland, Alice Springs and environs, plus Mt. Olga - Uluru (Ayers Rock) area.nelaus1.jpg