Argentina: Country Map by Freytag & Berndt

Freytag & Berdt
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Double-sided, indexed general map of the country with an uncluttered appearance, dividing the country into north and south sections with a generous overlap. Vivid hill-shading shows the relief, with spot heights, altitudes for passes and selected peaks marked, and highland regions named. Swamps glaciers and saltflats are also shown. The clear road detail distinguishes unsurfaced routes, and shows some tracks and 4x4 routes. Intermediate driving distances are marked on many routes. Railways and some ferries are marked and symbols show airports, airfields, harbours and marinas. Administrative boundaries and names are clearly marked. National parks and protected areas are shown, and more symbols indicate beaches, ski and watersport resorts, archeological sites, lighthouses and other locations of interest.

Adjacent parts of Chile are included on the map but coverage does not extend to the Pacific coast except in the far south. Latitude and longitude are marked at 1º intervals, and the multilingual map legend includes English.