Alps: Travel Map by Marco Polo

Marco Polo
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The Alps on a large, double-sided map from Marco Polo, with a detailed place name index and street plans of eight major cities. Relief shading and spot heights, plus names of numerous mountain ranges and peaks indicate the topography. Road network indicates toll roads, motorway facilities, border crossings, roads closed to or unsuitable for caravans, seasonal closures, gradients, scenic routes, etc. National parks and places of interest are highlighted. The map has a grid showing latitude and longitude at intervals of 30’. Map legend includes English.

A booklet attached to the map cover has an index which also shows postal codes. Distance table is included, as well as city plans for Bern, Geneva, Innsbruck, Milan, Salzburg, Venice, Vienna and Zurich. 

The MARCO POLO country maps are the compelling choice thanks to their easy-to-read, even clearer cartography, with attractive routes and areas of natural beauty marked throughout. The fold-out overview map contained in the map cover highlights the most beautiful places in yellow or green in order to make sure that you do not miss a thing when you are on the move. Have you found an attractive route? If so, you can highlight your desired destination using the self-adhesive mark-it stickers contained in the cover flap. As a result, you can easily find your destination again when you next look at the map. The most important city plans included in the maps ensure that you can find your way around the cities as well.