Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia: Geographical Map by Gizi Map

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Algeria at 1:2,500,000 in a geographical version from Gizi Map, with bright altitude colouring vividly presenting the country’s topography. Names of larger towns, provinces and selected topographic features are also shown in the Arabic alphabet; all other place names are in the Latin alphabet. Where appropriate, alternative versions of place names are also provided (Oran/Wahran, etc). 

Bold altitude colouring with plenty of spot heights and names of mountain ranges, deserts, etc, provides a vivid picture of the country’s topography. Graphics show stone or sand deserts, salt flats, swaps and seasonal wadis, with symbols indicating oasis and water wells. Road network includes desert tracks and shows distances on main and on many secondary routes. Railway lines are includes and local airports are marked; the map also shows locations of oil or gas wells and the pipe lines, plus administrative boundaries of the provinces. Symbols mark various places of interest, including campsites, beaches, UNESCO World Heritage sites, rock paintings, archaeological remains, etc. 

Coverage includes all but the southernmost part of Morocco (without South Sahara), all of Tunisia, and the western part of Libya just beyond Tripoli. Latitude and longitude lines are drawn at 1º intervals. The index is next to the map. Map legend includes English and Arabic.