Africa North East and Arabia: Travel Map by Michelin (745)

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Michelin 745 - One of the titles in Michelin’s popular series of three maps, useful for long-distance, overland traveling in Africa. The coverage of this map extends from the Persian Gulf in the north east to Nairobi, Kenya in the south and Tobruk, Libya in the west. Road detail distinguishes various classes of road surface (eg. improved, partially-improved, earth) with definitions of these terms and their implications for travel provided. Intermediate distances on many routes are stated (in miles and km), and difficult, seasonally impassable and prohibited routes are shown, also toll barriers, ferries and high passes. Railways and airports are also indicated. Some hill-shading shows the major relief features and areas liable to flooding are shown. International and internal regional boundaries are marked, also customs posts, state capitals and national parks.

Tourist information includes the indication of selcted hotels, campsites, safari bungalows, sites of interest and scenic routes. Also indicated are palm groves, water holes, forests, mines ad petrochemical pipelines and production sites.

Latitude and longitude lines are drawn at 4° intervals and the multilingual map legend includes English. There is also a table of temperature and rainfall data for a selection of principal towns and cities.