Africa East: Kenya - Tanzania - Uganda: Travel Map by Freytag & Berndt

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General road map with plans of Nairobi and Mombasa and an enlargement of Kenya’s coastal area. Large size, boldly presented map, with hill shading and geographical features such as deserts, lava areas, marshes and swamps, salt lakes, etc. Road network includes seasonal roads and tracks, intermediate driving distances (as well as an inset with a distance table between main towns in the whole area), plus petrol station and car repair facilities. Railways, ferry services and local aerodromes are also shown. National parks are brightly coloured, and other information of interest to visitors is provided, including various types of accommodation.

An inset shows the southern part of Kenya’s coast at 1:700,000, highlighting numerous hotels. The map also has plans of central Nairobi and Mombasa, plus tables with mean monthly temperature, precipitation, and humidity at various locations in the three countries, comparing them with those in Vienna, Frankfurt, and Zurich. Latitude and longitude are marked at 2º intervals. Map legend includes English. A separate booklet attached to the cover has an index which also covers the adjoining areas of neighbouring counties.